Travelling is our passion. As experienced travellers, we believe that ideas born from the meeting with the “different”. And every trip, every meeting with another human is a waranty to that. Matteo Travel was created from the love to traveling of multiple people. Thanks to the experience and connections we have we can help you to make your dream come true. Dream about reaching furthest parts of the World. What is more, our travel agency was created in response to encouragement of those, who traveled together with us and enjoyed the time that we have spent together, sometimes in places like Sankt Petersburg, Venice, Krimea, Aztec Cities in Mexico, Great Wall in China, the always exceptional Holy Land and so many more. In reality it is one, big, common initiative. While planning our travels with you, we want to serve you with our experience and knowledge, to be sure that in the end you will want to come back to the place that you have just visited with us. Knowing that everyone is different we are very flexible in terms of organizing plans of our trips, taking under consideration age and potential disability of our customers. Perhaps, that is why, last year over 4000 tourists trusted us and traveled with us in more than 100 groups. We are very grateful for that. If, just like us, you love to discover the Earth, then you are in the right place to do so.




Holy Land 

Betlehem, Nazareth, Jerusalem, Jericho and many other places are known to every christian on the World. Even if they never visited those places. As John Paul II used to say, “Holy Land is the 5th Gospel”. Those places speak to imagination more than most of the other places on the World. And one day that imagination is making a man to pack his bag and simply go there. We dont know about anyone who ever regretted that decision.


Rome, Venice, Naples, Milan, Florencia and many more places about each we could write a book. We wont do it here. Rather than that we invite you to go with us and write your own book, made not of the words but unforgetable experiences of one of the most significant places on Earth and birthplace of modern, western culture.


China is not just Great Wall, Forgotten Palace or Shanghai. It is a country of equal size to Europe, with places often completely unknown to common people, even those who are living in China. So discover with us known and unknown part of one of the World's eldest civilizations. The place that many times changed the course of the history of our planet.

Georgia and Armenia

As one of the legends say, Caucasus is the Garden of God. That story emphasize beauty of that part of the World, where remains first documentation of wine production. Theses are also first 2 christian countries on Earth. Their civilization and tradition left multiple treasures of architecture and culture always worth to explore.


Rich with grace, unforgetable culture and good taste, from centuries remains oasis of art on the highest level. Even among its own citizens it remains the most attractive place on Earth, Because french believe that its not worth to leave their Fatherland, if it offers everything that you need to have a great time during your vacations. It is also first european christian country with multiple pearls of sacral architecture like Notre Damme or Sacre Coeur. One of the few places on Earth that you fall in love on first sight.


The more to the south the warmer it is, you could say going to Medjugorie, Dubrovnik, Split and other cities of the old Dalmacia. Today Balkans are tempting tourists from all around the world with its natural beauty, rugged shores, wonderful treasures of architecture and art or fenomenon of Medjugorie, which year by year is visited by more pilgrims. You are also invited.


About the revelations of Mother Mary in Guadelupe probably everyone heard. It is worlds biggest sanctuary considering the number of pilgrims. This place is iconic to every Mexican. It is their sanctum. This only creates unique climate of the trip to this latino country. Adding colonial heritage, Mexico's history of the fight for independence, famous silver mines and Aztec Cities which are causing archeologists to suffer insomnia, it all creates unforgetable mosaic of memories worth to dive into. And in the end, as a reward for the Mexican journey, famous Acapulco, seaside resort city nobody needs an introduction to.



Travel Agency Matteo Travel, operating since 2011 is direct organizer of pilgrimages to Holy Land. Agency is registered under the number 166/11 to the Registry of Tourism Organizers of Marshal of the Podkarpackie Voyevodship. Agency is also under insurance warranty nmbr 05.504.847 of AXA Insurence. Agency is doing it's best to maintain the right, spiritual and safe athmosphere of the pilgrimage providing serious and very well prepared tour guides. Also it remains in permanent contact with institutions responsible for tourism in Poland, Izrael and Palestine Authonomy. Morover, pilgrims travelling via Matteo Travel are supporting “House of Peace” in Jerusalem and Betlehem. Operations of Matteo Travel finds apreciations of our priests, pilgrimages organizers and pilgrims themselves.



Education Center of the Teachers of Podkarpackie Voivodeship confirms that Travel Agency Matteo Travel organized pilgrimage to Holy Land, which took place 27 january – 4 February 2012, for the members of our organization. Pilgrimage was handled professional and carried out in all the details as promised. Program of the trip was executed in full and even widened in certain points. All the aspects, like hotels, buses, food  reached expectations. We were specially content with the service of our Guide who shared with us enormous amount of informations about visited places and their history.

Education Center of the Teachers of Podkarpackie Voivodeship    (ORIGINAL DOCUMENT)